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Accounting Services

The focal point of our practice is IRS Controversy Resolution. However, we thought about how wonderful it would be if we could assist businesses and professionals with Accounting related issues BEFORE they were courted by the Internal Revenue Service. A CPA's focus is on accounting and reporting. Our job  at Jones Tax Group is to take that information provided by the CPA to the next step, which is ensuring that all items reported or deducted have been substantiated and that there is no income left unreported or underreported.  This level of detail is not usually undertaken by CPAs, frankly because it is not their job.

CFO Services

The Information a business receives from its CPA is very useful, if you understand what you are looking at and how to further analyze it to make the best decisions about your business. Unfortunately, many business owners file the financial reports provided by their CPAs because they do not know that it is a tool and how to use it to determine how to maximize their business goals. Jones Tax Group assists businesses in understanding how to read, interpret and implement movement based on CPA prepared financial reports.

Strategic Planning Retreats

One of the things we continuously tell our clients is that they have to spend time working ON their business instead of IN their business. If they do not allocate sufficient time working on their businesses, they continue to be business OPERATORS, not business OWNERS. To assist clients with allocating time to really work on their businesses without distraction or disruption, we offer Strategic Planning Retreats. We meet with the client in a destination conducive to relaxation and little interference.  We have 3 daily sessions over the course of 3-5 days to implement key tools such as budgets, amending business plans, financial projections, reviewing key metrics, and so much more. Business owners return to their business, re-energized, refocused and with a clear plan and path to reaching their business goals. 

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